British Science Week.

During British Science week, year 2 have been learning about mini-beasts and their habitats. On Tuesday, we joined with Year 1 to watch an online lesson about mini-beast facts and their habitats. On Thursday, we took part in our own mini-beast hunt outdoors. We found lots of interesting mini-beasts which we were able to explore and describe.

Stretching, bending, twisting and squashing.

During science, we have been exploring materials and their properties. The 4 main properties we have been learning about are bending, squashing, twisting and stretching. We have completed a variety of experiments such as changing the shapes of different materials, and our most recent experiment, measuring the length that different socks can be stretched. To compare the length of the socks, we began by measuring the sock before it was stretched, we then measured the length of the sock once it had been stretched in order to compare how far each different sock could stretch.

We then used our bending, twisting, stretching and squashing knowledge in our PE lesson. Year 2 used their bodies to make different shapes using a variety of skills and techniques. The children then worked with a partner to see how many different shapes they could make working together.

Number day.

Year 2 have enjoyed dressing up as numbers as part of our number day. The day was filled with lots of fun activities all relating to numbers.

We completed a number hunt in our sports hall where we had to crack the secret code by answering the maths questions in order to find the secret letter that was hidden. Year 2 did a fantastic job and used our super maths knowledge to find the hidden word.